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This project implements a realy small real-time operation system for small arm uC devices. Acutally I used on LPC2106, and win32 emulator. It has a simple cooperative kernel,with yield and sleep functionalities.

Barna Faragó < brown© >

from sourceforge file release.
Actually, the project is on alpha phase. The code is on refactoring.

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Fostex Remote
This is a simple example for AranyOS. When I tried to reverse engineer the Fostex Remote Controller unit, It was made to measure the communication between the units. This application emulates the Fostex D-80 itself, to send command the Remote Controller unit to light up leds and gather informations about the pressed buttons, screwed jog/shuttle, etc. The communication interface between the two units is similar than SPI, it is an syncron serial interface.

Simple example for AranyOS application. This application emulates a device (ar42) by implementing a serial communication, to send some packets trought uart. It was used to reproduce and repeat the communiction to debug the other side of the protocoll which one runned on other uC.